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Split solar Light remote led lights with extension outdoor waterproof wall lamp sunlight powered Lantern for garden street

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Qusetion 1:How to use it?

Step 1: Turn on the white button behind the solar panel, and then cover the solar panel (make sure the solar panel is in the dark)

Step 2: Turn on the remote control and check whether the solar light can be used normally

Question 2 : Why does the solar light can not work ?

Answer : Please check the following items.

  1. The solar energy is exhausted and needs to be placed outdoors for charging;
  2. Did not press the switch behind the solar panel
  3. The solar panel is not covered, and the solar panel is exposed to light;
  4. The remote control did not remove the insulating plastic sheet

Question 3 : Is the light flashing normal?

Answer:It is normal. This is to test whether the light can work normally, you need to use it with the remote control.

If the solar panel is in a half-bright and half-dark environment, it will flicker crazily, and you need to transfer it to a completely dark environment for it to work properly.


Dear friend, this product is controlled by remote control, it does not support light/motion sensor temporarily, please pay attention before buying.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Lamp beads: 1* Highlight 5050

Solar panel:1.6W 5.5V polysilicon

Wire length: 3 meters

Led light color:warm white/white

Color temperature: 3500K(warm white )/6000K(white )

Battery:18650 lithium battery 3.7V 2200Mah

Charging time: about 6Hours

Lighting time: 4-8H charged(Automatic light off requires remote control to turn on)


Lampshade material:PC

Shell material:PC+ABS

Power: 30W

Output rate:1.5W



1: Before turning on the solar light with the remote control, you must first press the white button behind the solar panel, otherwise it cannot be turned on.

2: The solar panel must be in a completely black state. It can identify whether it is night or day. You can use something to cover the solar panel for testing.